There's a police report just came out of my home state of New York.

A deceased newborn was found abandoned in a parking lot in Port Jervis, umbilical cord still attached.
Some of the neighbors interviewed by the police expressed an obvious deep sadness about the situation, some saying that had the woman simply rang their doorbell and left the baby on their doorstep, they would have taken the child in.
But instead, this baby was born into this world and abandoned in a parking lot.
During one of the coldest nights of the year to die.
In the cold.
The mother likely lives in NY; a state where abortion is permitted throughout all 9 months of pregnancy. But she decided to carry this child to term, only to abandon her baby in a parking lot in a New York winter.
Only a few days earlier, and people in NY would have likely defended this decision as empowering.
I'm not going to pretend to know the details of what happened because I don't, but I guarantee that this woman needed help.
She carried this child, feeling the baby grow.
She likely went to ultrasound appointments.
Probably even picked out a name.
Because this is what women who carry their babies to term do.

Again, I don't know why she did this.
But I KNOW she needed help.
People often assume that their ideological opponents are evil, stupid, or both. I'm guilty of this when I spend a lot of time debating the issue with strangers on the internet.
But there are REAL PEOPLE whose lives are directly impacted by these things.
In a world full of people who demonize everyone else, empathy is a strength.
Don't let anyone tell you otherwise
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