“Graham also said he wouldn’t let a trial of Trump be based on hearsay evidence alone. A trial would also not be held if the whistleblower doesn’t testify, he said.”

Well there is no way Schiff agrees to either of these conditions.
And we already know the Fake whistle blower has nothing but hearsay to offer if called to testify in the House hearings.

Schiff is still insisting he does not know the identity of the fake whistle blower.
Understand this: Schiff will NEVER allow himself to publicly be placed under oath and asked if he knows the identity of the whistleblower or his coordination with said whistleblower.

Schiff will NEVER allow the fake whistleblower to testify in the House - or anywhere else.
In a Senate trial - which will never happen, but let's play along - Trump gets to defend himself. He gets to have counsel there to call witnesses. He gets to enter evidence into the record.

And you can bet he'll be bringing in the OTHER guy who was on the phone.
Yes, I'm very well aware of the people out there peddling fantasies about a Romney-led coup in the Senate where he and McConnell - in front of the entire country - decided to flush the entire GOP down the toilet by suddenly stabbing Trump in the back & removing him from office.
I'm dealing in reality here, not fantasy.

Removal from office will never happen because the Senate trial will be a real trial. Trump will have the best lawyers & he'll call the best witnesses & Schiff's farce would not stand up to scrutiny.

So understand this:
This impeachment sham is all public relations theater about the election next year.

For that reason Schiff will ***NEVER*** allow a Senate trial to happen that would utterly expose & destroy his Trump/Ukraine hoax narrative.

Democrats **NEED** that narrative for the election.
You all saw how absurd the Democrats impeachment 'case' is yesterday. It's not going to get any stronger.

Even as a PR campaign its already not working.

You are watching desperate pathetic losers flailing around lost in a failing narrative.

Be afraid of'em if you want.
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