The world is changing

We're judged based in appearance more than ever before.

Tik Tok

Cameras are everywhere and people see you daily.

You're physique, style and overall look has never been more important.
This is a quote that largely inspired me 4 years ago when I first really started by path of self-improvement.

I was failing college. Just gotten dumped. Had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. Depressed. No goals. No vision.
This quote really just clicked with me.

Everything starts with me.

How I percieve myself and the standard I hold myself to.. is how people will percieve me and the standard they will treat me by.
I didn't know what I was gonna do but I knew the first step was to unfuck my current situation.

That's when I started hitting the gym.

That's when I started reading books and searching for answers.

That's when I cut off my loser friends.
A lot has happened between now and then but the same energy still rides with me.

People who have been to the gym know exactly what I'm talking about.

Kings Barbell has attracted some of the most unique and ambitious people I've ever met.
Set the standard high.

Don't give a fuck what anyone else thinks.

The right people will pull a chair up to the table. We all gonna eat.
We've got entrepreneurs, models, musicians, head coaches, professional athletes, artist, father's and more who stop by to train with us.

People who go get it.

The gym is still small but boy oh boy is the quality of people there. I can't wait to keep growing this thing.
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