NP author very concerned that fewer people are commemorating events they know nothing about.
I wish to underscore this point: I've met Poppy Patriots who know nothing about the events they are purporting to commemorate. They're the equivalent of children who get hauled by their parents to rallies to hold up signs they don't understand.
The issue isn't how many people are wearing poppies – it's education in history, which students Canada just don't get to any significant degree.
They graduate from high school with the smallest deposit of knowledge about history and civics, leaving them more susceptible to ideologues (like Don Cherry) and weird conspiracies. This undermines their ability to function as informed citizens.
Poppy Patriots trying to shame youth and new Canadians into wearing poppies are pointing their finger in the wrong direction. And for all their flag waving and poppy pushing, they're always the first people to tell youth that a history disagree is "useless." #CanadaRemembers
Finally: I am not denigrating the valiant efforts of many excellent history teachers in Canada, I'm observing that most students just don't get much of it (one class in high school, maybe) while even in university perhaps 1 student in 35 actually majors in history these days.
Addendum: I misrepresented the author in my top tweet (although not the headline of the article.) The rest of what I wrote I stand by.
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