1/x $TSLA and demand.

I'm very irritated at the moment that some of my $TSLAQ colleagues are trying to infer the demand for Tesla's cars from the October sales figures or an annual average.

Guys, we don't know how high the organic demand is and we should come to terms with that
2/x We all know that $TSLA delivers by far the highest number of cars in the last month of the quarter. As long as the quarter is not over, all figures are almost irrelevant, as recent quarters have shown. As long as quarterly sales don't fall YoY, Tesla's story is intact.
3/x Until that happens, Tesla will claim that they cannot produce fast enough to meet demand. And there is no point in saying that demand was only due to expiring tax breaks or other subsidies. We knew from the beginning that there would be these subsidies.
4/x As the example of Germany has just shown again, it is very likely that these subsidies will be increased in many countries. And please $TSLAQ let's accept that there are many people out there who want an electric car and never want to drive anything else again.
5/x We know that there have been backlogs in different countries and as long as they are not completely gone, we do not know for sure how organic demand is.
Let's look at what Kirkhorn said in the conference call:
6/x Now many of you will say that we must not believe him. It's okay to 'prove' that he's wrong, but we shouldn't just say it. $TSLAQ convinced me back then with facts and plausibility and not with conjecture.
7/7 It may be that we only get lies served up by Musk and Kirkhorn, but we don't know for sure. $TSLAQ wants to convince others, so we should always stick to the facts and fill the gaps with plausibility.
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