[THREAD] Floating a theory.

[EC] Trump plant? Informant? Flipped?

Trump stages call with Zelensky.

He knew it would be released.

Everything is legal, but appears improper.

Enough to elicit outrage.

Outrage over the EXACT crimes the DNC/Ukraine committed in 2016.
2. The amount of outrage you would need to bolster if the DOJ was about to release evidence of real election interference.

If Dems are outraged over Trump, they’ll have to be outraged over DNC/Ukraine.

BUT, the call was staged.

There was no investigation.

No impropriety.
3. Reminder, Grassley sent Rosenstein a letter in 2017 asking about DNC/Ukraine collusion.

It prompted the appointment of John Durham.

They knew, but they needed a way to convince the public of the depth of corruption.

So Trump used Dems hate for him against them.
4. Enter whistleblower.

Whistleblower dangles juicy “dirt” on Trump in front of Schiff.

Just like Trump nudes.

ICIG lets it pass.

Schiff, of course, takes the bait.

*EC could still be DS, but why was his complaint sooooo juicy compared to the call?

Schiff HAD to bite.
5. Now the public is outraged over what happened in 2016, but they don’t know it.

They think it’s what Trump did.

Until the sham falls apart.

Repubs use hearings to show the public Trump never did anything wrong. No investigation was conducted.
6. The outrage can now be directed toward the real crimes. 2016.

Schiff knows he’s caught. It was a trap.

Why he won’t let the whistleblower testify.

Groundwork laid for DOJ reports.

Again, just a theory, but a tasty one.
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