Arnab Goswami's report card as a child - 'While he is very communicative, he must be counselled to at least let the teacher speak in the class. ' #ChildrensDay
Tiger Shroff' s report card as a child, ' Tiger is a polite & well behaved child but doesn't understand geometry doesn't have practicals. Is constantly demonstrating every conceivable angle with his body' #ChildrensDay
Ranveer Singh's report card as a child, ' Ranveer is full of ideas & is a lovable child. However, we cannot accept the plan he has submitted to redesign the school uniform. None of the other boys are in favour of yellow trousers' #ChildrensDay
Arvind Kejriwal's report card as a child, ' Arvind has gotten this idea that he can come to school on odd even days. Come on odd, skip the even. Please advise him that everyday attendance is compulsory' #ChildrensDay
Ekta Kapoor's report as a child, ' Ekta is a very imaginative girl. However, she has to stop imagining the physics teacher is an icchadarin nagin and will steal the chemistry teacher away from his wife, the history teacher. There is tension in the staff room' #ChildrensDay
Ayushmann Khurana's report card as a child, ' Ayushmann is well behaved & very good in extra-curricular activities like singing. However, he constantly tells the other children that it is ok to have flaws & faults. It goes against our school motto which is strive for perfection'
Supplementary Comment on Arnab's report card, " while we encourage our students to be expressive, he cannot keep shouting #FakeNews during History class". #ChildrensDay
Himesh Reshammiya's report card as a child, " Himesh needs to stop stretching his sentences. Also he can't shout Jai Mata Di Lets Rock in the exam hall before every paper.' #ChildrensDay
Salman Khan's report card as a child, ' Salman is very popular in the class. However, he cannot write 'mujh ko zyada samajhne ki koshish mat karma, main Dil mein aata Hoon, samajh mein nahin' on the answer sheet. We cannot mark him' #ChildrensDay2019
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