Which hospital in Nairobi does comprehensive wellness checks at a reasonable price?
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Thanks to @Thunderthighz_ I called MP-Shah. They have a comprehensive package for 19,999. I didn't capture everything but here's a list:
- Total blood count
- Kidney function test
- Blood sugar / diabetes
- Cholesterol
- Blood group
- Micronutrients (kina potassium etc)
- Urine test
- Uric acid
- Pap smear
- Thyroid function test

A consultation with a G.P, opthalmologist, and dentist. Results come out next day, except the pap smear that takes 3 days.
If you have experience with other hospitals, share the price and list of tests, I'll add them on the thread.
For MP-Shah, you don't need to book an appointment but don't take breakfast on the morning of the visit.
Via @nc_missy Nairobi Womens:
1. Standard Package (8,500/=)
Physical examination
Pap smear
PSA (prostate specific antigen – men)
Stool analysis
Full blood count
Lipid Profile..
HIV (with consent)
Chest x-ray or lumbar spinal x-ray
Fasting blood sugar
2. Nairobi Women's executive Package (14,500/=)
All the standard tests above, plus:
Liver function
Chlamydia endo-cervical / urethral swab
Rheumatoid factor (arthritis)
Phosphate & calcium

Thanks @nc_missy
Columbia Africa (seems to be an affiliate of an Indian Hospital) from 6,300 - 15,000.
Thanks @misswretched

Mater Hospital between 13,000 and 17k. Thanks @sarahnmwangi
One Health at 20k. Thanks @OkiroMakena
AMREF medical centre pricing. Max 20k

Thanks @PeterKisare
Medanta at 15k but concerns on quality raised by @FrankHook and @R_Samie
Nairobi Hospital (80,000 bob). Thanks @the_trifector
I should have written THE Nairobi Hospital cos that price!
Folks asking about insurance. I've done Step 1 for you. Take the next two steps:
2. Call the hospital you like ask them if they take insurance
3. Call your insurer / refer to your policy to see if wellness checks are covered.
Guys. Men especially, please don't check into this thread to ask silly questions.
Check-Ups Medical Centre Upper Hill. Cost: 10k thanks @Shirley_Sein
BMI/ Body Fat Composition
Physical Examination
Nutritional Assessment
BMI/ Body Fat Composition
Vitals incl. BP
Urine Analysis
HIV/VDRL (syphilis)- Optional
Uric Acid (Gout-male
Full Blood Count with
Complete Lipid Profile Incl. Cholesterol
Complete Kidney Function Incl. Urea, Creatinine and Electrolytes
Complete Liver Function Tests
PSA/PAP/Breast Exam(Based on Age)
ECG (One lead - Arrhythmia and Atrial Fibrillation detection WITH Arterial Age, Blood Velocity AND Stress Level Monitoring
Case Management Program Enrollment And Follow Up Report
Riverdale Medical Centre (15k) thanks @LLMaranya
Metropolis Lab (10-12k) thanks @ArnNyash
Nairobi Hospital (2) via @kennzaro 32,630/=
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