Did you know that @amnesty was founded in 1961 by Peter Benenson, a British lawyer with a mission of having a world in which every person enjoys all of the human rights.

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Amnesty claims to talk about human rights & generate pressure on govts that let abuse take place.

Ironically it never stands up against Rapes & Crimes taking place all across UK. Infact it never seems to be concerned about their nation being taken over by Jihadis & Radicals.
Another irony is #AmnestyInternational staff members themselves have faced discrimination by the higher management based on different backgrounds that they come from.

Many many have resigned as they had enough and saw no other option or help coming their way.
Some issues include:

1. Sr mgmt forcibly deciding as to what they should & shouldn't wear.

2. Sr mgmt having limited understanding on issues like discrimination as well as community engagement.
Seniors have also been known to belittle staff in meetings as well as disallowing them to report or make their point & even known to make comments like:

"You're shit" or "You should quit" or "If you stay in this position, your life will be misery".
Overall, out of the survey of 475 staff, 70% of them experienced distress/lack of trust/bullying.

Discrimination based on race, colour, gender as well as LGBT community targeted as well as treated unfairly.
While Amnesty opposes Death penalty, they were highly criticized for their stance on Abortions.

Basically they fight for the life of a Terrorist who is to be given death penalty for killing ppl vs they're ok if an innocent newborn is stopped from entering the world.
Many non Western govts incl Congo, China, Vietnam, Russia & others have claimed Amnesty to be ideologically biased against them, while always keeping mum against atrocities taking place in Western countries.
Amnesty even launched "Sri Lanka play by the rules" campaign during 2007 Cricket WC to focus on human right violations in SL.

Infact Sri Lankan Govt even accused Amnesty of indirectly supporting the LTTE.
However, they never took a stand against the US wrt human rights violations in Iraq or at the Super Bowl or the NBA.

Never stood up for racism against non White players in European League Football events.
In a nutshell, while Amnesty always highlighted human rights violations in non Western nations, it never uttered a word against Western nations.

Utterly biased global organization, that is as hypocrite and partial as one can be. Do we need @amnesty in #India?
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