“It’s the company’s responsibility to come forward with the information about how that algorithm was designed and the exact impact of it, she said. "And if they can’t do it, then they need to pull it down.”” YES! 👏👏👏
“We’re all beginning to understand better that algorithms are only as good as the data that gets packed into them. And if a lot of discriminatory data gets packed in... then the discrimination is perpetuated." - @ewarren knows what’s up 🔥🔥🔥
Thrilled to see @ewarren shoot straight through the bullshit that the Goldman Sachs Bank CEO was spewing just this morning. Closed, individual reviews of black-box credit algorithms is nonsense. We need full algorithmic accountability!
I hope @ewarren will review @RonWyden’s Algorithmic Accountability Act and consider supporting it. We need to arrest the dystopian future of proprietary, inscrutable algorithms making unexplainable, indefensible decisions, and companies simply saying DEAL WITH IT.
If the best defense Goldman Sachs can come up with is “it’s industry practice”, then it’s time we change that industry. This sounds like just the challenge for the Senate Finance Committee. Don’t let Wall Street banks get away with “its hitech, baby, you wouldn’t understand”.
And again, if @ewarren can take time out of her busy schedule being a FRONT RUNNER FOR THE DEMOCRATIC NOMINATION FOR PRESIDENT to read up on this issue and make a strong statement, what on earth is @apple’s excuse for sitting quiet? Hoping this just goes away? It doesn’t.
Also, isn’t the appeal of letting @GoldmanSachs do the talking rapidly fading for @Apple? Every time someone from GS comments, they end up digging the hole deeper. The first lesson in crisis management: STOP DIGGING!
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