If you listen carefully, @benshapiro actually talks himself into the very plausible theory of the case that (he admits) outlines impeachable conduct. The alternative theory that Ben believes—that Trump can’t intend anything—ends up sounding utterly absurd.
. @BenShapiro wants to claim this scheme was just fevered “word vomit” from Trump. But that theory belies the facts that this effort took place over many months & via many players. This wasn’t one phone call. It was a concerted effort to procure a press statement naming Biden.
There’s way more circumstantial evidence supporting the theory that Trump did, in fact, intend to target Biden in the way Ben mocks. He utilized irregular channels & pressed forward even after career staff in every Department raised concerns & wondered what the hell was going on.
And, still, @BenShapiro’s alternative theory may be even worse for the President. A person so incompetent they can’t form the intent necessary to accomplish any task? A person who vomits thoughts at every turn?

This is the person Ben willingly supports? Puzzling, indeed.
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