The story of @realChaoZhou and $TSLAQ.

In January @realChaoZhou started documenting the construction of Gigafactory 3 in China. Amused by the so-called Mudfactory, $TSLAQ quickly became followers and friends of Chao.
February 1/2:

Excited about his new friends, @realChaoZhou started also using their $TSLAQ tag and the compliments kept coming.
February 2/2:
March 1/3:

In early March @realChaoZhou was still getting meet up invites and love from $TSLAQ. Even though he announced he would be buying $TSLA stock.
March 2/3:

$TSLAQ, the fans of the truth, even kept donating to @realChaoZhou to get better gear for him. But some were becoming suspicious...
March 3/3:

Seeing progress in GF3 and hearing @realChaoZhou speak good things about $TSLA was the turning point for $TSLAQ.

By April, most of $TSLAQ was either ignoring him or mocking his investments.

In May $TSLAQ kept spiking the ball as $TSLA stock price was crashing.
After May $TSLAQ was mostly ignoring @realChaoZhou as the Mudfactory turned out to be the real deal. He had served his purpose and could not benefit the #DumDums anymore. The official blocking came in August.

Welcome to the block list, Gigafisherman!😊
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