Here are Kay Burley's stats:
Of the last 50 tweets and retweets,
24 overtly criticise a political party.
Of the 24:
23 criticise the Conservatives
1 criticises Labour
0 criticise the Lib Dems
0 criticise the BXP
0 criticise the SNP
0 criticise the Greens
0 criticise Plaid
As a percentage that is:
96% criticism of the Conservatives.
4% criticism of Labour.
0% criticism of the Lib Dems.
0% criticism of the SNP.
0% criticism of the Greens.
0% criticism of the BXP.

Source: Kay Burley's twitter timeline, last 50 tweets and retweets.
Dear @Ofcom
Are there any regulations which require broadcast journalists to adhere to the codes of impartially on Twitter and other social media platforms?
Thank you
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