Well, that was fun. I watched Vassy Kapelos interview Yves-François Blanchet (BQ leader) on Power & Politics. Mr. Blanchet is calm, measured, and statesmanlike. He said meeting with PMJT was cordial. Unlike certain Premiers from you-know-where. /2 #cdnpoli
2/ He stated that it is his job to seek common ground, as it is PMJT's. He outlined possible areas of disagreement but mentioned that if they aren't in the Throne Speech, he will not bring them forward in order to cause trouble. /3
3/ Those areas are Bill C-21 and interference in QC's territory re: pipelines. He reminded Ms. Kapelos that he'd agreed to the Line 9B reversal when in the QC government and noted that QC's needs are met by Western Canada and the US oil/gas. No Saudi oil received. /4
4/ When asked about Wexit, Mr. Blanchet said that he would support a state's desire for separation if it were to form a "green state" but not if it were for an "oil state" *and* he would not support political threats of separation for extortion purposes. /5
5/ Vassy Kapelos kept ranting about EE. The frigging EE project is not feasible at today's prices and it isn't on the table as long as three other pipelines are underway or in limbo in the US. It's a dead issue. /6
6/ Irving has stated that it would not spend billions to refine bitumen, but would provide export facilities, *but* it's cheaper to sent bitumen to the US Gulf or the west coast. Ms. Kapelos tried to embroil Mr. Blanchet into a discussion about QC's own use of oil. /7
7/ He pointed out that QC's current needs are being met (as noted above), but that the *future* means less consumption and lower emissions and that QC is aiming for that. He thinks AB should spend its resources on transition to a lower emission future [as Notley was doing]. /8
8/ Mr. Blanchet thinks the federal government should not subsidize/support the oil industry - considers this to be irresponsible - but, of course, it's easy for him to say. And now on to Jason Kenney's predictable and self-serving hysterics.
Martin Patriquin complains about Mr. Blanchet's "extortion" comment (I'm not sure that he used that word, but that's what he meant) - referred to BQ history from 1993. Well, the current Conservative Party isn't the same one of 1993. /2 #cdnpoli
2/ I think it's entirely possible that Mr. Blanchet will carve out a different path, especially considering that the BQ was on its death-bed when he became leader. I think he might just enjoy the power to lead the BQ in a different way.
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