I think the "disability vs difference" debate is a really outdated & frankly a boring question imo.

How about disability and difference?

Being different in our society is a disability, especially due to societal expectations. 1/4 https://twitter.com/NancyDoylePsych/status/1193612963170664448
People can identify however they want, but tbh it's silly to me that you can't have personal strengths while also being disabled. Plenty of other disabled people have strengths and skills too! There's not a national narrative that it's "not a disability, just a difference." 2/4
A lot of people who ask "is autism a disability or just a difference?" are the same people who assume that being disabled is somehow bad or less than.

Disabled isn't a bad word. Disabled people have value and worth. We need to stop with the "either or" narrative. 3/4
Whether or not a neurodivergent person identifies as disabled is up to them. But we need to stop assuming that disabled is in opposition to different. They often go together because of the way we treat people who think differently, move differently, etc., in our society. 4/4
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