Do you actually care about climate change?

I ask, because a lot of climate campaigns in Australia focus almost exclusively on renewables. But a bazillion reports confirm that ENERGY EFFICIENCY IS THE SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT ACTION TO REDUCE EMISSIONS FROM ENERGY.
Don’t get me wrong, we absolutely need to transition to renewable generation, but wasting less energy is absolutely critical to keep global warming to 1.5 degrees.
First, even when the grid is 100% renewable, we need to be smart about how much energy we use and when we use it. Smart energy use keeps energy affordable and reliable - anyone who lives off-grid will tell you about how they cut their energy waste.
Second, it doesn’t really matter what our emissions are in 2030 - what matters is our cumulative emissions over the coming two decades. Energy efficiency means a much faster ramp down in emissions.
So 100% - let’s do renewables. But we HAVE to do efficiency too.
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