For the first presser question, Trump calls upon OANN. He's asked about the impeachment hearing, which he proceeds to trash as "the witch hunt" and "a sham." He then falsely claims that the whistleblower's complaint is mistaken, when in fact it has been broadly corroborated.
Trump takes a question from a Turkish "reporter" who trashes Obama and characterizes the PKK as a "terrorist organization." Trump dissembles in response.
Trump takes a question from Fox News' John Roberts, who asks about Taylor's new revelation today that a staffer overheard Trump talking about "investigations" on the phone with Sondland. Trump pleads ignorance.
Erdogan is fixated on Gulen, who he has repeatedly called a "terrorist." He's upset that he's being allowed to live in the US.
And it's over. Trump took a total of 2 questions from American reporters -- one from Fox News and one from OANN. He's fully retreated to his safe space.
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