BJP is in Clear Majority ONLY in 10 state assemblies out of 29.

On the Other Hand BJP has:

ZERO Seats in Sikkim
ZERO Seats in Mizoram and
ZERO Seats in Tamilnadu.

4out of 175 seats in Andhra,
1 out Of 140 in Kerala,
3 out of 117 in Punjab,
3 out of 294 in WB,
5 out of 119 in Telangana,
3 out of 70 in Delhi,
10 out of 147 in Orissa
12 out of 60 in Nagaland

Also In states where BJP is Part of Ruling coalition it has got
2 out of 60 in Meghalaya
53 out of 243 in Bihar
25 out of 87 in J&K
13 out of 40 seats in Goa.....
Summing up all figures, what we get is that
out of total 4139 Assembly Seats all over the country, BJP have 1516
among which 950 of BJP MLAs come from 6 states such as Gujarat, Maharashtra, Karnataka, UP, MP, Rajasthan.........
So the fact about BJP is popular in the country is more of a hype and myth. 🤣...
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