Update: my talk wasn't just cancelled because a parent complained that Harvey Milk was included in my book- it was cancelled because Janet Mock is also included. Excluding LGBTQ+ people and topics from schools is systemic discrimination- and it hurts kids. https://twitter.com/Katlyn_eSmith/status/1194689698763030528
Parents had been notified in advance. They were sent this flyer which describes the book:
The decision to cancel sends a message that LGBTQ+ people are somehow dangerous, taboo, or otherwise inappropriate. A specific parental warning that this book is inclusive of people who are LGBTQ+ would convey that same message.
There are some awful things being said about LGBTQ people in Wheaton. If it's being sent to me, I imagine local teens have seen it too and that breaks my heart. I hope the district will make a statement opposing this kind of hateful rhetoric and supporting their LGBTQ students.
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