I know impeachment is taking over all thought, but remember this administration is arguing against civil rights today before the US Supreme Court. This admin has been against civil and human rights since it began, but only for people of color. /1of4

Actions have been against Middle Eastern or African people. Actions have been against Mexican, Latin American, or South American people. Most of these actions have included separating families. Even attacks against DACA are to separate more families. /2of4

Never does this administration go after undocumented people of European decent. ICE only goes after people of color. This admin is racist and supports white supremacy and it’s disgusting. Do we want to be a stronger country with wonderful diversity or stick with racism? /3of4
What truly makes the United States great is our wonderful diversity. We are a country with many cultural backgrounds and we are stronger because of it. We need to #DefendDACA and support strong #CivilRights protections and stop all #HumanRightsViolations! /4of4/end/

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