Thread on the history of the occupation settlements involved in the battle between the Gaza resistance and the Zionist occupation state.

I always take care to use the original Arabic names of the towns and settlements that are being attacked by the resistance in Gaza. 1/
It is important to remember that these are our towns. The injustice of this struggle is that the descendants of their original inhabitants are now imprisoned in the tiny Gaza strip, and have to fire at the towns from which they were expelled. This is the heart of the struggle. 2/
Isdud (إسدود) - name under occupation: "Ashdod"

In 1922, this town consisted of 2,566 Palestinian Arabs, 2,555 of them Muslims, 11 Christians.

After the declaration of the Zionist state, the Arab population was ethnically cleansed & replaced with Jewish settlers from Europe.
Asqalan (عَسْقَلَان) - name under occupation: "Ashkelon"

In 1931, 6,207 Palestinian Arabs lived there, 6,166 Muslims & 41 Christians. It was known for its vibrant weaving industry and many looms.

The town was ethnically cleansed after the declaration of the Zionist state.
Hirbiya (هربيا) - occupation name: "Zikim"

The kibbutz of Zikim was built on top of the remains of the ethnically cleansed Palestinian village of Hirbiya. It was populated by Romanian Jews, with zero ties to the land. 
Bi'r al-Sabi' (بئر السبع) - occupation name: "Beersheva"

In 1922, there were 2,356 Palestinian Arabs: 2,012 Muslims, 235 Christians, 98 Jews and 11 Druze. The Jews were likely native Palestinian Jews, rather than European settlers.

It was "conquered" and ethnically cleansed.
(I note also that the full name of pre-occupation Asqalan was "Al-Majdal Asqalan", and it was better known as Al-Majdal.)
But recall, when you hear that "Ashdod" or "Ashkelon" is being shelled by the Palestinian resistance, that the men of this resistance are the grandchildren of the men and women who were forced out of these very same Palestinian towns. This is a war of liberation, & nothing less.
Al-Faluja & 'Iraq al-Manshiyya (الفالوجة & عراق المنشية)
Settlement of "Kiryat Gat" built over their remains.

Native populations of both these towns were promised safety in the 1949 armistice agreement - & both were ethnically cleansed anyway, & "Kiryat Gat" established.
'Ain Shams (عين شمس) / Deir Aban (دير آبان)
Occupation name: "Beit Shemesh"

Wikipedia says Deir Aban "became depopulated", but of course, that just means "violently ethnically cleansed".

"Beit Shemesh" was then settled by Bulgarians & others with zero link to the land.
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