WATCH THIS. Then share it—let's make it blow up. Tricia Zunker is running for Congress in Wisconsin's 7th special election this spring. She'd become Wisconsin's first Native American Rep. Transformative candidate & campaign. RT to lift up @TriciaforWI!
The district Tricia is running to serve represents roughly the northern third of Wisconsin. It's geographically vast. Huge rural population. Was blue for decades under Dave Obey. Then Sean Duffy, Tea Party/Real World/lumberjack, won in 2010 and, thx to gerrymandering, stayed.
This fall, Duffy resigned from Congress. (You can see him pushing right-wing conspiracy theories now on CNN.) So there's a special election, scheduled for May 12, 2020. Tricia's the Democratic candidate, and she's amazing. Wausau school board prez. Ho-Chunk Supreme Court justice.
Trump won Wisconsin's 7th Congressional District by 20.3 points. But he's turned his back on rural Wisconsin. Dairyland is in crisis. Enviro protections are being torn up. And drug prices are breaking budgets. Tricia Zunker is going to energize voters, and fight for their issues.
Northland Dems are thrilled that Tricia's in the race. Follow @TriciaforWI. Chip in. Spread the word. If you want to help, @WisDems is working with county parties & local teams to build her ground operation. Sign up to volunteer now: 
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