Speaking as a Chilean, if you support us AND the coup in Bolivia at the same time, you're a fucking imbecile lmao.
Chile's protests are in favor of rights for our Indigenous people and our Indigenous people support this movement. Late and all, but since the govt. has been treating most of Chile the way they had previously reserved for the Mapuche & very poorest, a lot of us have gotten to ➡️
Understand them better. Understand how many of the crimes they were accused of were staged/faked by state forces to further criminalize them, how police has a blast shooting at civilians for no reason, how they'll lie about it, how hard it is to NOT retaliate against ➡️
All those horrors, but most of all, now we understand the fear they've lived with all along, the pain & anger too.

The Mapuche stand WITH Chile's protests.

Indigenous Bolivians don't with Bolivia's revolt bc IT'S EXPLICITLY AGAINST THEIR VERY EXISTENCE.

You can't support both.
Ever since shit went down here I've seen Mapuche who, w/o an ounce of the anger they'd be 100% entitled to, have asked if we get it now & too, so many fellow Chilean mestizos as well as WHITE Chileans realizing that this is what they've been going through & apologizing to them.
To think supporting Chile's protests is at all compatible with supporting Bolivia's coup shows you 1) don't understand either situation in which case just stfu, OR 2) you're using our pain to support the genocide of our Indigenous siblings in Bolivia. In which case, svck my d!ck.
In Chile we've torn down statues of colonizers, we campaign for San Cristóbal & Santa Lucía hills to be renamed Tupahue & Huelén, we mourn Catrillanca. In Bolivia, they burn the wiphala, put a bible over the flag & install a president who thinks Indigenous rituals are "satanic".
Ok, silencing this because the notifications are getting annoying as all fuck lol. Love ya!
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