The loss of Hungary is a disaster. This isn't financial like with Bosnia, or reassessing priorities like with Bulgaria last year, or a mix like with Montenegro. This feels ideological in a similar way to how Turkey walked out earlier this decade, and it's deeply concerning.
Both Turkey and Hungary have been increasingly under the sway of nationalist far-right governments, and both have experienced political pressure on the broadcaster to withdraw (as those in Turkey who keep trying to return have discovered).
For those who like to pretend that Eurovision is political, the fact there's such strong political opposition from extreme nationalists should make it clear that the Eurovision project very much is political, in a positive 'breaking down borders' sense. Look at all the slogans.
2015 was all about Building Bridges, but look at the rhetoric today about Building Walls instead. Rotterdam may be saying 'open up!' but countries are increasingly closing down. Look at who is leading the opposition to Eurovision participation in any given country to see that.
Eurovision is all about finding shared values, having an evening (or three) where it doesn't matter if you're in Bradford, Brussels, Bratislava, or Brisbane, there is diversity celebrated as one.

And there are those who see this as a threat.
Nationalism, especially at the more extreme ends, is all about constructing and moralising a set of values ascribed to your nation. "This is us, this is who we are". This also translated into "who we are not" as those who fall outside those values and categories often discover.
See how Conchita was weaponised by Turkish media as a reason for the ongoing Turkish withdrawal, never mind the large number of LGBT people in Turkey (or, indeed, the high rates of trans murders that happen there).
It's not like this doesn't tie into similar trends happening in Hungary.
It's no co-incidence that fascists tend to without exception hate Eurovision and all it stands for, both in terms of highlighting other countries' perceived degeneracy or lack of ability, and in terms of feeling that their own country is unfairly treated in response.
After all, if you feel that your country is the best and people from your country are better than those from other countries, you will hate a contest where your country doesn't win (or come close). The song becomes irrelevant. It all becomes about 'us vs them'.
If this sounds familiar to Brits, it should. Nigel Farage went on a rant about Eurovision back in 2015 and you will see hundreds of comments in tabloid news sections about how the UK should withdraw because of how bad/gay the contest is and how ungrateful/hateful everyone else is
Look at *who* is speaking out against Eurovision, and look at *why* they are saying it, and then see what has happened to Turkey and now Hungary.

It's deeply sad, very troubling, and indicative of something far more serious than just missing out on a flag in the parade next year
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