51/ Ruddock is pressed on what Shell meant. He says it would have been unacceptable to pay Etete directly. He's asked if indirectly was fine? He responds "its complicated" saying it was still unclear what Etete's relationship with Malabu was & if he was a beneficial ownership.
52/ Ruddock is asked about a email where Klusener is told about the Swiss bank BSI Lugano refusing the OPL 245 payment from JP Morgan bank on 'compliance grounds'. Ruddock says Klusener didn't brief him on what those grounds that lead the Swiss bank to refuse the money were.
53/ The lawyer for the Federal Republic of Nigeria had a few questions, confirming that Ruddock was in fact forwarded one email. Ruddock apologised for not recognising that earlier. No more questions for Ruddock.
54/ The public prosecutor says he is still considering whether to insist that Maarten Wetselaar, a senior Shell executive, currently head of the company's integrated gas and new energies wing should have to give evidence. Shell included him as a witness wants to withdraw him.
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