I have been very disappointed with the way sections of the 'left' have reacted to the coup in Bolivia. Some have joined the hard right and the imperialist bloc to deny even that there was a coup; others have gone so far as to say that Evo Morales is personally power hungry.
These texts neglect that @evoespueblo represents hundreds of years of deprivation and struggle amongst the indigenous people of Bolivia, and decades of indigenous socialism that found its path through resource nationalism.
These texts do not see that the Morales government's resource nationalism agenda was blocked at every turn by transnational mining firms, many of whom sued Bolivia in European arbitration panels for a total of nearly $2 billion. Morales's government fought these suits.
But the question of resource nationalism blocked Bolivia's ability to raise finances, including to develop its lithium deposits. Transnational capital went to much more amenable Chile, when Bolivia attempted to get at least a 50% share of the profits of this key resource.
At this point, the Morales government turned to Chinese mining firms, which were happy to sign equitable deals with the Bolivian people. These deals with the Chinese bothered Canadian and US mining firms, which have long wanted to remove Evo Morales from office.
The coup against Evo Morales had nothing to do with question of the recent election; that was an excuse for the power bloc to eject him. Now we shall see how the pretender president deals with the lithium.
WARNING: don't become a 'useful idiot' of imperialism.
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