The idea that the EU is going to reform is ridiculous because there is no evidence to support that it's capable of it.

It's been navel gazing over the euro for nine years and that's life and death, if it can't solve that then there's no hope.

All the politics in the EU point towards fragmentation not integration. I can't think of one country that could muster a clear majority for more EU. Into this though we are led to believe reform and treaty change will emerge.

No chance.

The whole system stinks of systemic breakdown not reform.

It's tottering along waiting for nothing. If reform was going to happen they would have rushed it through two years ago when the euro reflation upswing was happening.

Nope nothing.

Furthermore if the system and its masters had been so concerned they would have responded positively to its second largest member voting to leave and realised things had to change.

But nope they just doubled down.

I don't mind those who argue that the EU doesn't need to change as they don't expect it and therefore don't have a dog in this fight.

I do object to anyone who says it does but can't explain how it will happen.

They can't because it won't.

The idea of reform is so mythical you could found a religion on it.

I find this whole debate depressing as still so called think tanks proclaim it's going to happen.

The think in their title is clearly ironic as no sign of thinking is evident.

But Macron said X - he has no power

But Merkel said Y - she's a lame duck and her party is failing

But Spain thinks Z - they haven't got a functioning government

Come on guys look at the trends and wake up

No one is going to open up the treaties whist the "populist" parties are gaining traction but failure to reform means they will continue to grow at a good clip.

Even worse any "reform" pushed throughout by the backdoor will be like pouring petrol on fire.


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