If anyone wants to watch this sham, here is the link lol. I'll probably be listening but don't know how much I'll tweet about it. Hopefully the GOP names Eric Ciaremella.
Adam Schiff was immediately interrupted during his opening statement for a parliamentary inquiry 😂
Schiff starts off by lying about the 2016 DNC and Ukraine collusion by claiming it's only about hacking.
Schiff ignoring large parts of the transcript again to claim Trump in the call with Zelensky asked for a quid pro quo lol. We read the transcript tho so we know he is lying.
😂 Schiff just read Taylors text where he asked if military aid was contingent upon investigations and didn't read the response from Sondland that said President Trump was very clear there was no quid pro quo. What a joke lol.
Schiff just admitted Ukraine got the military aid and no meeting took place. Admitting no quid pro quo out the gate is one way to start your impeachment sham I guess 😂
Schiff asked "If this isn't impeachable conduct, what is?" I dunno maybe high crimes and misdemeanors lol.
Nunes is up now and slamming the Democrats pushing a continuation of the Russian hoax.
😂😂😂 Nunes just called out Schiff asking for nude pictures of Trump from Russian pranksters! I'm dying.
Nunes calls out Chalupa and the DNC election interference with Ukraine in 2016.
Nunes going hard against Burisma and Hunter Biden, destroying the Democrat narrative that it's an abuse of power to ask about it. Boom.
They turned down Nunes mic and turned it back up for Schiff, at least on the stream i'm watching, shady af.
Parliamentary inquiry on why Schiff won't allow their witnesses and also a point of order lol. Asked if Schiff will try to stop witnesses from answering questions. Get him 😂
Schiff just told the witnesses lawyers they aren't allowed to answer questions about the whistleblower and said he would intervene if necessary. Kangaroo court!
Schiff just lied and said he doesn't know the identity of the whistleblower.
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