Good morning. My live-tweet thread of the #impeachmentinquiry hearing will begin here. The public is filing in, reporters are seated and soon we will be underway.
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And away we go.
House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff is running down the basics before opening remarks - there will be decorum, he says.

In 2014, Russia invaded Ukraine, he says, to fulfill Putin's desire to rebuild the Russian empire.
Zelensky, a neophyte to politics, was elected on a platform of tackling corruption and sought powerful connections in Washington.
The answer to today's questions will resolve what happens to the presidency in the future, sets standards for what conduct we expect of a commander-in-chief.
Schiff on Giuliani: Giuliani promoted debunked conspiracies that Ukraine hacked the 2016 election even when US. intel agencies unequivocally stated it was Russia, not Ukraine; Giuliani, others, incl. Gordon Sondland, a one-time Trump donor, were aimed at advancing these theories
Schiff on the the July 25 call:
He repeats Trump's words from the call: "I would like you to do us a favor, though."
The call was never about advancing U.S. interests, it was about advancing Trump's own personal and political interests, Schiff says unequivocally.
About *that* press conf. w/Mick Mulvaney when he said:
"We do that all the time with foreign policy. I have news for everybody - get over it. There's going to be political influence in foreign policy. That is going to happen."
Schiff reflects: "The video of that confession is plain for all to see."
"If POTUS can simply refuse all oversight, particularly in context of impeachment, the balance of power between the two branches of government will be irrevocably altererd. That is not what the founders intended. "- @RepAdamSchiff
Schiff referencing Mulvaney's flippant remarks- "Must we simply get over it?" Schiff asks. "If this is not impeachable conduct, what is?"
Ranking member Devin Nunes now speaking. Starts out by saying the Dems are insistent that Trump is a Russian agent. Called the Mueller probe a "pitiful" attempt to overturn the results of the 2016 election.
Nunes says the public should forget about Dems trying to get nude photos of Trump. (He has been pushing this conspiracy for months)
Obviously, the "forget" aspect is facetious. If that was unclear.
The inquiry is a "carefully orchestrated media smear campaign" Nunes claims.
Nunes slamming the private hearings, calling them private auditions. Says the activities that unfolded in the basement of Capitol last week were "cult-like."
For the record, they had to have hearings in bsmt because thats where the SCIF is located. Nunes fails to mention that.
A bit of color from inside the room - quite literally the only sound is the ranking member's voice and the rat-tat-tat of fingers flying across keyboards.
Nunes wants to know: full extent of Dem's coordination with whistleblower; what is full extent of Ukraine election meddling against Trump campaign; why did Burisma hire Hunter Biden and did his position effect any actions under the Obama administration
Nunes said none of those questions will be answered because the majority wouldn't accept them.

Per the House resolution that passed on Halloween, Dems have been clear: there will be no questions that fall down debunked conspiracy theory rabbit holes.
Q's during hearings are meant to stay on target, relevant to the impeachment inquiry matter at hand.
A whir of camera flashes as Kent and Taylor are sworn in for testimony.
Schiff is accused of not allowing witnesses to answer questions fully during private depositions. Schiff says the only time he attempted to wrangle in testimony was when Republicans asked questions that would out the whistleblower.
Rep Mike Conway says Republicans wish to subpoena the whistleblower, Rep Jordan asks when Congress can get whistleblower "in front" of them, claims Schiff is the only member of Congress who knows who WB is.
Schiff rebuffs immediately, that is false, he says.
George Kent, deputy assistant secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs, delivers his opening remarks, recounts his 27 years of experience, notes that he has served under 3 Republican presidents and 2 Democrats.
In opening remarks, Kent extolls need to keep Ukraine autonomous:
"More than 13k Ukrainains have died on Ukrainian soil defending their territorial integrity & sovereighty from Russian aggression."

Kent continues..
"American support in Ukraine's own de facto war of independence has been critical in this regard."
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