Anyone in the medical world knows what "Death Rails" are. Today, pay attention..the Dems are in the throes of death. Attempting to Impeach a duly elected President without Due Process will never stand in this Country! They aren't crazy..they are DESPERATE!
PATIENCE IS A VIRTUE! @realDonaldTrump not only has patience but strategy! He isn't concerned about this Impeachment sham..he has the TRUE FACTS. DECLASS will happen and very soon..there will be something to be thankful for this year. The Dems know what is coming!
Indictments will follow...Lawyers .. Scrambling and Protests. For all those who think there won't be arrests.. you might want to rethink that ... I have the utmost confidence that Cuffs and Cherries will happen in early 2020. Arrests will come once Durham's report is revealed.
Today will be a shit show! Plan on it.. plan on being irritated and incredulous at the brand of crazy the Dems will bring. Keep your cool.. ignore the Trolls ..they are BOTS .. block and move on! Don't bite .. Live to fight another day!
Be comforted in the fact that we have Truth and God on our side. God is always Faithful and nothing can touch his chosen! Let us be thankful not only for @realDonaldTrump but the best Military in the world! The operation before us in nothing less than Genius!
Just want to add a correction: Frame #1 Death Rails is more accurately Death Rales or Cheyne-Stokes breathing.. wouldn't want to trigger any TDS victims today with that could tip their world for the entire day!
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