A brief reminder of how much money/attention Miami-based, "Bolivian mindfulness entrepreneur/influencer" Valeria Jinohosa (waterthruskin) and regime change operative Jhanisse Vaca Daza were able to funnel to fascist street mobs in Santa Cruz since August:
Partnership and boost through Vaca-Daza's "NYC activist" connections. Linda Sarsour's 300k+ social media reach mobilized, August 25: https://twitter.com/OLAASM/status/1193659760727535618
across platforms: youtube, instagram and other "influencers" teamed with the NPIC
In case you think the shoutout to Camacho above was a one-time thing: Hinojosa continues to laud the fascist foot soldier to all your grandparents on Facebook.
Hinojosa named alongside Leo Di Caprio and Ricky Martin because she has 100k followers on Insta? Some "influencer."
Valeria Hinojosa's waterthruskin is the (Bolivian-NGO-law-restriction-skirting) conduit through which International HRF/OsloFF/CANVAS-associated NGO "Rios de Pie" (by well-connected, US-educated Jhanisse Vaca-Daza) was able to smuggle money to Camacho and Santa Cruz fascists.
A lot of us tried to dispel the hipster fashionista facade (and later, Cambridge-professor XR greenwashing) of this campaign as it was happening. (See @elleprovocateur @RancidSassy and many more) https://twitter.com/OLAASM/status/1165767131625066498
Hinojosa is scrubbing references to her viral crowdfunding financing (rather than celebrating the "humanitarian" success)? https://twitter.com/OLAASM/status/1194080003320950784
There are *numerous* high-powered, well-connected, heavily-monied Bolivian criminals living in the US under the full protection of Bush/Obama/Trump regimes to this day who undoubtedly contributed *far more* through different channels to achieve today's "outcome."
So you can fucking spare me your serious, "but was it really a US/CIA-backed coup" prevaricating liberal fuckery, thank you very much. Even without having concrete details on the bigger players, it's plain the US & its global partners directly helped crowdsource this fascist coup
How many dual-use items were these fascist sponsors able to smuggle under the cover of fire aid? How much cash? If $200k is significant by smaller players, imagine what Goni, Mesa, Camacho and others could accomplish through their other avenues? https://twitter.com/OLAASM/status/1166383759849074689
This is the Hitler-Youthesque goon squad that serves as avowed, street auxiliary to Camacho's Pro Santa Cruz Committee (who Hinojosa/JVD keep openly applauding.) https://twitter.com/GaiusGracchus65/status/1194639622149672960
Predictable. Jhanisse Vaca Daza is a military coup legacy. That's how you quickly make your way through the ranks of the US academy and into the eager arms of CIA-outfits like CANVAS, OsloFF and HRF. https://twitter.com/ReadAndAct_/status/1194696294016724994
Straight from the trojan horse legacy coup plotter's mouth.
"A career military officer from Sucre, Daza came to power on May 4, 1876 in a coup against the constitutional president Tomás Frías. He was supported by much of the country's financial elite because of his avowal to maintain order and stability..." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hilari%C3%B3n_Daza#cite_note-3
"Driven from office by a popular revolt [for starting war with Chile, then cowardly abandoning Peruvian allies and losing Bolivia's Pacific claims], Daza fled to Europe with a sizable portion of Bolivia's treasury." http://countrystudies.us/bolivia/11.htm 
Who named Jinohosa's front company "waterthruskin" and not "bulletsthruflesh?"

These are Hinojosa and Jhanisse Vaca Daza's people in Santa Cruz https://twitter.com/bassalt/status/1194970669701836800
That big ass bible of theirs... https://twitter.com/OLAASM/status/1194614635623845891
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