I see the Indigenous-led resistance against the rightwing coup in Bolivia as the vanguard of the climate justice movement. Why? Bolivia is at the forefront against US imperialism, the number one enemy of the planet.
I part ways with the North Americans who viciously attack Evo Morales yet prop up US politicians and only North-centered solutions when the US is playing no positive role in the world or for the climate and in fact is benefiting greatly from the crises.
The current rush to control Bolivia’s lithium reserves is a prime example. As northern economies take us down a path of ruin, their proposal to consume in a “post-carbon” world at the same rate means they’ll need lithium batteries to run their electric SUVs.
Yet, the rest of the world, the global south, is barred from such gross consumption. Borders and walls keep them out of Fortress America and imperialist economies drive down their standards of living making them resource colonies, cheap labor reserves, or dump sites for trash.
Evo was overthrown not because he was a failure. It was because he and the movements backing him were too successful. This is what happens when socialist and nationalist projects de-link from imperialist supply chains: they face violent intervention.
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