While I'm all for new, modern, electric cars. I do worry about the future of classics. Are they going to be tarred with the same brush as modern ICE vehicles? Will Extinction Rebellion members throw rocks at me if I take the Zephyr out?

The one thing that always strikes in the current climate vernacular is that ICE is bad. That's that. There is no side not for classics. And I know classics aren't great, but given their usage, their impact must be small in the grand scheme?

And then there's that same vernacular that ignores the fact old cars, globally, represent an industry worth billions. It employs tens of thousands of people.

Yes, so does the modern automotive industry. But that can adapt to the new tech. The classic industry can't.

And yes, you may say 'make classics electric' to which I say go away. FIVA says they're not classics, and I agree. The sould of an old car comes from its entire being, you can't rip its heart out.

Basically, while I am excited to see the future of the modern car unfold, I worry deeply about classics, their perception and what will happen to the industry.

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