A thread about the "heroes" of Punjab who protected the lives and fortunes of Punjabi Muslims and Punjabi Hindus from the Afghan looters in 18th century. A thread about Sikhs planting peace in 18th century Punjab.
When Nadir Shah invaded India in 1739, Sikhs took advantage of the situation and started harassing other Punjabis (Muslims and Hindus). Hari Ram Gupta writes: "To begin with they (Sikhs) fell upon the peaceable inhabitants of Punjab, who had sought shelter in the hills and
plundered them of the property which they endeavored to secure from the rapacity of the foreign invader" ["History of the Sikhs" , by Hari Ram Gupta, Vol-1, p-03].

While Mughals were engaged in war with Nadir Shah, Sikhs were busy in plundering Punjab. From Khalsa-nama :-
Immediately after Nadir Shah invasion of India in 1739, Zakriya Khan, the subedar of Lahore, took measures to repopulate the villages and towns which were looted and destroyed by the Sikhs in his absence.
Sikhs attacked and killed a large number Hindu and Muslim (Punjabi) Chauhdris and Muqqadams who did the duty of protecting their villages from the Sikh robbers. After killing those Hindu and Muslim headmen, Sikhs laid their villages to waste.
A band of Dal Khalsa (who numbered 5,000 according to Gyan Singh) sneaked into Lahore city one evening and put to sword innocent shopkeepers (Hindu and Muslim Punjabis) and plundered their shops. Some also slew Muftis and Qazis of the city.
After plundering Lahore in 1746, the Dal Khalsa fell upon Gondlanwala village and plundered its flock. The residents of the village complained to the Hindu faujdar of Eminabad in the vicinity. The Hindu diwan sent message to Sikhs, nicely asking them to return the goats to the
villagers and leave. Sikhs refused on the ground that they are hungry. When they refused to leave the area immediately, the Hindu faujdar attacked Sikhs but he was defeated and killed by them. ["History of the Sikhs", by Hari Ram Gupta, Vol-1, pp-25-26]
Towards the close of 1752, Mir Mannu (the governor of Lahore subah) was informed that a large body of Sikh marauders were creating disturbances near Batala, were stopping roads and were "ruining cultivators". ["Fall of Mughal empire", by J.N.sarkar, Vol-1, p-426]
When Ahmad Shah Abdali invaded Punjab in 1750, Sikhs saw it as an opportunity to plunder Lahore. They plundered and burnt the outer portions of the Lahore city to ashes. ["History of the Sikhs", H.R.Gupta, Vol-1, pp.64-65]
Earlier Sikhs had made agreement with Mir Mannu that they would give up plundering and banditry, and would settle as peaceful peasants. But Sikhs had become addicted to plunder and rapine. They could not help themselves and they violated the terms they had with Mir Mannu and
they plundered Lahore city when Mir Mannu was busy dealing with Ahmad Shah Abdali in 1750.

When Mir Mannu returned to Lahore, he found it pillaged and half in ruins. He sent his men after Sikh marauders. Any soldier who brought a head of Sikh marauder, received Rs.10.
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