(1) The last paragraph of this article makes unsubstantiated claims, particularly in regards to the Disease of Addiction. In summary, it says we must decriminalize + create a legal regulated market and that the root cause is criminalization.

As a standalone entity, decrim deals with criminalization. Valid, but it does nothing to help people with Addiction. In September, I attended presentation by Nuno Capaz, one of the architects of the Portugal model. He stated as such. He also said that when Portugal...
(3) rolled out their solution, more than 80 recommendations were implemented to guide the system. Only one focused on decrim. The remainder focused on Treatment + Recovery via the Dissuasion Commission. That's why Portugal had success. We should do the same in Canada.

We tried this:

(A) OxyContin: legal + regulated + supposed safe supply put us in the mess we're in.

(B) #Alcohol killed during prohibition. Since being legal + regulated + a supposed safe supply, it's the #1 killer + related harms are staggering.
People with the Disease of #Addiction have tried time + time + time again to manage their use, many over a period of years. It became evident that no amount of substance use is safe. To use is to gamble with death + destruction. Not just ourselves. We have...
(6) a profound negative impact on our children, family, friends and society. We need a path to health + wellness that no substance will ever provide.

#Addiction #Mentalhealth


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