Last week our new BYU Latino Civil Rights seminar met Diana Trochez, DACA recipient, @BYULawSchool grad, and immigration attorney practicing law in California, which is one of a very few states to allow undocumented immigrants to take the bar exam. Diana is one of two 1/
Diana Trochez is one of two plaintiffs to file a potentially historic petition with the Utah Supreme Court to allow DACA law degree holders to be admitted to the Utah state bar and practice law, joining only CA, CT, FL, NJ, and NY. /2
It would not be unprecedented nor unexpected given that Utah is also one of few states that grants driver's licenses and in-state tuition to undocumented immigrants. (I'm originally from Chicago and am intrigued by the pro-immigrant and pro-refugee policies Utah has enacted.) /3
Born in Honduras and raised in the Bronx, Diana first became a resident of Utah a decade ago, in 2009, becoming one of the first #Dreamers to be a @BYU undergrad. Today dozens of #DACA students attend BYU and I have worked closely with over a half dozen as students and TAs. /4
My DACA students were born in Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, and several, in Mexico. In reality, like Diana's unmistakable Bronx accent testifies, their homes are actually Boston, Salt Lake, the Texas Rio Grande Valley, Oklahoma, Provo, New Jersey, and across the US. /5
Some of my DACA students are married to US citizens, some to DACA recipients, others single--& most at the mercy of the US Supreme Court, which heard today that 660,000+ DACA holders unambiguously benefit our nation thx to research by @RGGonzales1 @CaitlinPatler +many others /6
Those of us with privilege and US citizenship have little idea how brave they are--and how difficult is their plight. Brought to this country as young as infants, this country is their home and we are lucky to have them. Yet their undocumented parents have no protections. /7
The stakes for my DACA students are high--and terrifying. It is an honor to call them fellow Americans and stand in solidarity in the fight for immigrant rights and civil rights. #DACA recipients like Diana are truly American heroes.. #HomeIsHere #DefendDACA #DefendCivilRights /8
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