I adore my Dad. One of his new hires is Muslim. He asked my Dad, his boss, if it was okay that he prayed in the break room during lunch. My father of course said yes and has since lost 4 white, male, racist employees. They quit bc a Muslim coworker was praying on his own time.
So a little context here, every employee eats in the cafeteria. His Muslim employee goes to the staff break room for privacy. No one is in there during lunch. He's exercising his religious freedom, on his own time, and away from his white coworkers. Yet they still complained.
Obviously there was nothing they could do about it. The state laws here in Indiana allow for great religious liberty. Ironic that was Mike Pence's doing to protect Christians who discriminate against LGBTQ. Two of these bigots even tried to complain to HR about it.
The complaint said that their Muslim coworker praying on work property "offended and insulted" their own religious beliefs and should not be allowed. HR quickly shut that down and basically told them to suck it up. Not long after, 4 of them quit in unison.
My Dad is Lutheran. He was raised in a very religious home and has a strong, unbreakable faith. He refused to allow his fellow white "christian" employees to bully a Muslim POC, and I cannot be more proud of him.
This is how white people can & should use their privilege. If a white man wanted to pray on his break, no one would care. Religious freedom applies to all or none. That's how it works. Now those 4 racists are unemployed bc of their intolerance & the Muslim got a promotion. Karma.
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