1. India is a rising power. India will attract criticism and attention for this fact. India is the world's largest democracy. It is an important partner in managing global commons. Indians need to get used to this reality. It is not Belize. https://twitter.com/KaafirFakeer/status/1194451814252515336
2. As an American I WELCOME criticism. I understand that what my country does has impacts throughout the world as well as at home. Global citizens have reason and a right to criticize what my country does.
More parochial and silly arm-chair nationalists need to get over their "How dare you criticize us" attitude. The world will criticize the Indian state and its institutions because India matters globally. What India does effects people beyond India's borders.
And the assertion that "The US does bad things and thus it can't criticize me" is lazy, stupid and tired. The 1970s called and want their talking points back. Democracies die without accountability.
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