Over the past two months, congressional Republicans have floated no fewer than 17 different defenses of Trump’s actions on Ukraine.

My latest supercut for @thefix:
Republican defenses of Trump’s Ukraine actions:

1) Call was appropriate
2) Call was inappropriate but not impeachable
3) Call was Trump expressing his opinion
4) No quid pro quo
5) Quid pro quo is “red herring”
6) Trump was joking

7) Interpretation of Trump’s actions a “difference of opinion”
8) Whistleblower complaint was based on hearsay
9) Whistleblower complain not factually accurate
10) Whistleblower has political bias
11) The whistleblower is part of the “deep state”

12) The impeachment inquiry is a secret/unfair process
13) Trump isn’t getting due process
14) Ukraine said there was no pressure
15) Ukraine didn’t know the aid was held up
16) Ukraine got the aid anyway
17) Trump is incapable of a quid pro quo
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