Caught Premier Scott Moe on BNN with Catherine Murray. Catherine Murray stated, unequivocally, that "Western Canada" is experiencing alienation. She does not speak for "Western Canada". On to Scott Moe.../2 #cdnpoli #skpoli @BNNBloomberg
2/ Premier Moe demanded amendments to Bill C-69, which he claims has not been passed. How can he be so uninformed? Bill C-69 received royal assent on June 21st after going through the legislative process. /3
3/ He demanded market access to SK's 150 national customers. He finally admitted that TMX is underway but complains about "Bill" C-69 being the No More Pipelines bill. There are no applications for more pipelines. /4
4/ TC Energy has sunk $$$ into KXL, still hung up in US courts. The Canadian section of Enbridge's Line 3 (Trudeau government approved) is expected to be in-service next month. The licensing process for the US section, also delayed in US courts, is apparently newly underway. /5
5/ Talk of Energy East is empty blather. It is not economic given distances and low oil prices - it is more economic for bitumen to be shipped to the US Gulf or the west coast (see TMX). /6
6/ Catherine Murray misinformed viewers about equalization and Premier Moe carried on with the deception. NO province, wealthy or otherwise, cuts an equalization cheque. Canadian taxpayers simply pay the same rates of federal taxes. /7
7/ The source of equalization is federal personal and corporate taxes, EI, GST, excise, etc. To complain about poor AB, as Premier Moe did, is ludicrous. AB has highest per-capita incomes, lowest provincial taxes, no PST and all kinds of room to raise tax revenue. /8
8/ Catherine Murray asked Premier Moe what the impacts of the backstop carbon-levy on SK are and he dodged and weaved and never gave an answer, nor did he mention that all the revenues collected in SK are returned to SK. /9
9/ Premier Moe complained about a 2020 50% increase in the backstop carbon-levy but didn't mention that the incentive rebates are increasing in parallel. He claimed SK has a carbon plan, but it has apparently not met federal goals. SK has had four years to develop such a plan.
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