People that tweet me all f**king day about how all powerful, all knowing, all seeing the Deep State is can't explain how we got here.

If the Deep State was what you claim it is, instead of a group of incompetent f**kups, Trump wouldn't be President & he wouldn't be winning.
And Jeffrey Epstein would NEVER have been arrested, and all the rest of it.

So get this down: this "Deep State" isn't what conspiracy theorists tell you it is. These people are stupid, & they're going to CONTINUE to prove that.
Right now @JamesOKeefeIII is waiting to drop more videos, bidding his time.

While the goons at ABC News & CNN and CBS News & elsewhere are all telling themselves he's bluffing.

Like I said, stupid.
So when the Epstein investigation results go public, the Epstein Cover Up media scandal will by that point have REMOVED THE FAKE NEWS MEDIA as a player on the board.

Their effectiveness at hiding/cover up/doing damage control on this will have been removed to 0%.
So my theory about who set all this motion?

I can share this now because all the 'right' people out there will NEVER BELIEVE IT.

Not in a million years.

What changed starting in 2017?

This is what changed.


He went to their parties for 40 years. He was a Democrat. They took him for one of them. They all drank and did drugs and blabbed away and I'm sure they told him quite a bit.

And since he never drank & he never did drugs, he was mentally filing away all of it.
Now you know.

Now you can see.

Why they are so desperate to get rid of him as fast as they can, & they'll NEVER stop.

It's not just politics.

He knows all their secrets. And they've figured out he put Jeff Sessions & others to work exposing them & taking them down.
When I say what Bill Clinton, Weinstein, Cosby, Spacey, Lauer, Epstein and Prince Andrew & others were doing was an 'open secret' in Hollywood and elsewhere, I'm not exaggerating. More evidence surfaces all the time.
That's from 1984.

Yes, the form of people "talking" about these 'open secrets' often took the form of JOKES.

It was a passive-aggressive way to discuss it publicly. Like the joke about Weinstein at the Oscars, or Spacey on the cartoon show Family Guy
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