The plot to cover for Epstein comprised both federal officials inside the US Government and the mainstream media.

Despite media coverage back in 2008/9, no investigative reports pursued Epstein or his co-conspirators who were allowed to all walk away unnamed & unshamed.
If we had a real news media, publicity from investigative news journalism brought to bear on the law enforcement officials in Florida back in 2008 would have prevented the burying of Epstein's international sex trafficking ring & all those involved in it.
Instead Epstein alone got a slap on the wrist to reduced charges that pretended he alone diddled a few underage girls.

The international sex trafficking thing was completely buried and quickly forgotten & it can't be overlooked that this was with the MEDIA'S HELP.
Then again, 3 years ago, somebody had an attack of real journalism, saw this Epstein unfinished business from 2008/9 and pursued it, leading to ABC New's Amy Robach & others there committing an act of ACTUAL JOURNALISM:

talking to Epstein's victims, collecting evidence.
Amy Robach says Virginia Roberts was in hiding for TWELVE YEARS.

That's how much these victims are scared into silence.

Robach says we - meaning her team of investigators - talked Roberts into coming forward, sharing her story, her evidence, which included pictures.
They get the flight logs from Epstein's planes, they get victim statements from other girls besides Roberts, they have pictures, and who knows what else. Robach describes it as an 'unbelievable' amount of evidence.

And she tried for THREE YEARS to get it on the air.
And the higher ups at ABC News consistently killed the story every time it was brought up. Beginning 2016 all the way through whenever the last time it was that Robach or others pressed to run it.
These power rich and elite men - and some women who helped facilitate all this - have tripwires everywhere.

They are protected.

They are untouchable.

They can reach out & kill any attempt to cover what they've been doing.

Well, let me correct the record.

UNTIL 2017.
Starting in 2017, all of a sudden, for some strange reason, people like Harvey Weinstein, Bill Cosby & Kevin Spacey, Matt Lauer start getting exposed.
Previously untouchable people are suddenly having their victims come forward en masse, in too large a group to handle via regular methods.

Weinstein & Cosby's crimes were **open secrets** in the industry. Wictor says he was hearing the stuff about Cosby back in the 1980's.
Previously untouchable people are suddenly having their victims come forward en masse, in too large a group to handle via regular methods.

Handled 1 at a time, the intimidation, the threats, the silence payments could work.

When a dozen victims come forward at once? No.

Someone carefully, craftily found a way to set things in motion that couldn't be stopped.

And Epstein is the case where this is most apparent.

I have a theory I've been working on, I'll now take it public.
Under **normal** circumstances, a protected, untouchable guy like Epstein would advance warning something was coming and would know to flee.

A guy protected for decades by top gov't/media people would have a tripwire SOMEWHERE go off when someone started snooping around.
Epstein is SHOCKED when he's met by the FBI at the Teeterboro Airport in NJ and arrested.

"Epstein was arrested at Teterboro Airport in New Jersey, according to one of the sources. Flight records show he had just flown to Teterboro from Paris on Saturday."
You gotta understand.

This does NOT HAPPEN.

Jeffrey Epstein, 1 of the protected princes, is NOT a guy law enforcement is able to sneak up on.

And yet....


The FBI & the Southern District of New York's Public Corruption Unit not only opened up a case against him **without him or anybody in his extensive network ever catching wind of it**, they actually indicted him & issued an ARREST warrant.
Understand: Epstein has extensive resources at his disposal.

He catches even the merest HINT he was about to be arrested he'd bolt.

This is a guy who can wake up in the morning on his private Island & say "I feel like sunning myself on the French Rivera by this afternoon."
If he decides to run, you're not going to catch him.

But he couldn't even get a chance to run because he got no warning what was coming.

And once the FBI/PCU has him, he quickly realizes his goose is cooked.

They have so much evidence he realizes I'M NOT GETTING A DEAL.
As I have now mentioned in not just 1, but TWO columns, Epstein quickly figures something AMAZING.


And something that, if you're one of the elites that diddled kids with him or covered up for him, is TRULY FRIGHTENING.
"Wait a minute...what?! I'm....I'm NOT the real target of this investigation???!!!"

Yes, Jeffrey. You're NOT the real target of this investigation. You're just unfinished business. You're the easy part.
Much to Epstein's absolute flabbergasted amazement, he quickly discovers these 2 facts after his arrest:

1) they don't need him to talk because they know everything anyway - they have all the evidence. He's got no LEVERAGE to work a deal

2) He's not their main target anyway.
The targets the FBI/PCU are really going after are the OTHER people who were protected & covered for back in 2008/9 - and since then - and the federal officials who engineered the cover up & continued to protect him and his kiddie diddling friends ever since.
But before they roll up all the co-conspirators & unseal indictments of all the federal officials who betrayed their oaths by covering up for an international sex trafficking ring of pedos....

...the Fake News Media was going to have to be dealt with.
When FBI/PCU takes the results of their investigation public beyond just Epstein, and begins exposing the rich and powerful elite men who were on those planes to go to that island and to that apartment & indicting the federal officials who covered up their crimes...
...the people running this FBI/PCU investigation knew that the Fake News media, which has functioned as a major TRIPWIRE for these rich & powerful elites for so long a time, was going to do everything in it's power to cover for & defend these creeps.
So something was going to have to be done to remove the media's power to cover up the crimes of these elites, minimize the fallout of exposure, and run damage control to ensure maximum political/social survival.

And we're watching it happen right now.
Understand: plenty of people have a **vested interest** in claiming that AG William Barr & SDNY US Attorney Geoffrey Berman were ***lying*** when they said the Epstein case was not over & his co-conspirators better not relax.
People that tweet me all f**king day about how all powerful, all knowing, all seeing the Deep State is can't explain how we got here.

If the Deep State was what you claim it is, instead of a group of incompetent f**kups, Trump wouldn't be President & he wouldn't be winning.
And Jeffrey Epstein would NEVER have been arrested, and all the rest of it.

So get this down: this "Deep State" isn't what conspiracy theorists tell you it is. These people are stupid, & they're going to CONTINUE to prove that.
Right now @JamesOKeefeIII is waiting to drop more videos, bidding his time.

While the goons at ABC News & CNN and CBS News & elsewhere are all telling themselves he's bluffing.

Like I said, stupid.
So when the Epstein investigation results go public, the Epstein Cover Up media scandal will by that point have REMOVED THE FAKE NEWS MEDIA as a player on the board.

Their effectiveness at hiding/cover up/doing damage control on this will have been removed to 0%.
So my theory about who set all this motion?

I can share this now because all the 'right' people out there will NEVER BELIEVE IT.

Not in a million years.

What changed starting in 2017?

This is what changed.


He went to their parties for 40 years. He was a Democrat. They took him for one of them. They all drank and did drugs and blabbed away and I'm sure they told him quite a bit.

And since he never drank & he never did drugs, he was mentally filing away all of it.
Now you know.

Now you can see.

Why they are so desperate to get rid of him as fast as they can, & they'll NEVER stop.

It's not just politics.

He knows all their secrets. And they've figured out he put Jeff Sessions & others to work exposing them & taking them down.
When I say what Bill Clinton, Weinstein, Cosby, Spacey, Lauer, Epstein and Prince Andrew & others were doing was an 'open secret' in Hollywood and elsewhere, I'm not exaggerating. More evidence surfaces all the time.
That's from 1984.

Yes, the form of people "talking" about these 'open secrets' often took the form of JOKES.

It was a passive-aggressive way to discuss it publicly. Like the joke about Weinstein at the Oscars, or Spacey on the cartoon show Family Guy
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