THREAD: Lots of negative media speculation about #DACA after today's oral arguments at #SCOTUS but here are key things to keep in mind:
1/ There is NO #DACA decision today. We likely won't have a decision until spring, or as late as June. Until #SCOTUS decides, the program remains in effect.
2/ Oral argument at #SCOTUS is NOT necessarily a preview of individual justices' views or the final decision. Justices often play "devil's advocate." We should not be assuming that they will kill #DACA just because they made skeptical comments or asked tough questions.
3/ NOW is the time for #DACA beneficiaries to renew. If your DACA expires within a year, renew now. If #SCOTUS kills the program, DHS will probably still have to honor existing DACA grants and work permits (though that's not guaranteed), so get your two-year renewal now.
4/ #DACA beneficiaries are often eligible for other forms of relief like green cards, but never knew it bc they filed for DACA on their own or w/ a community clinic that didn't screen them for other protections. If you haven't consulted an experienced imm atty, do it now.
5/ What can you do to make sure Congress takes action on #DACA? Make sure that you & all your friends & family complete your #census2020 forms! Congressional representation is set by census data. Congress represents all residents, not just voters.
6/ And if you have friends eligible for #citizenship, tell them to apply now. There may still be time to become a voter before 2020. Some offices including Memphis are processing very fast. The filing fee will go from $725 to $1170 w/in the next few months so now's the time.
7/ Finally, call your representatives and keep organizing! #DACA wasn't a gift from Obama, it was a concession to a powerful movement. The #DreamAct will be the same. Congress doesn't represent only voters, they work for ALL residents of their districts including undocumented.
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