First we look at what kinds of cars people are trading in for the Model 3. The gray dots are notable because 2/
For so many to jump from a $25k to $50k car is very unusual. After early adopters, will buyers revert to old patterns? Or is Tesla doing what Apple did with the phone: convincing consumers to fundamentally reassess how they value an established product? 3/
This interactive chart shows all of the vehicles people are trading in for the Model 3. Throughout this project, we try to put as much data as possible out there to explore. But if you really want to know who is hurting most from Tesla’s success, 4/
BMW is getting hit almost 5 times more than Mercedes. Tesla is becoming America's "ultimate driving machine" for people who love the thrill of the road. Mercedes drivers, on the other hand, tend to value comfort and cachet over vroom 5/
Again we see Model 3 satisfaction through the roof. Almost 99% of owners say they’d recommend it to friends and family, and that’s a huge part of how Tesla has grown so quickly. Every person I interviewed told me about taking friends for test drives 6/
For as divisive as Elon Musk and Tesla can be, Model 3 owners gave high marks to both. "Elon is a character, and a lot of people don’t like him, but people love this car, and I think that’s something that needs to be more widely dispersed”—Aimee from GA 7/
For EVs to grow they need to reach beyond the core "tech bros from CA" demo. So we spoke to Tesla owners from rural America: plumber, veterinarian, law enforcement. "Library workers are passive aggressive and they like to just floor it”—Deanna from TN 8/
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