Literally one of the requirements for DACA is *not* having a criminal record.
For those of you citing this somewhat misleading 2018 report as proof that Trump is right re: some DACA recipients being "very tough, hardened criminals," a few important things to note: h
The data in this report refers only to prior arrests—not convictions—of DACA applicants (incl. those who were denied), the majority of which were for driving-related offenses (excluding DUI), followed by immigration-related offenses.
Despite this, @USCIS highlights the most violent crimes for which DACA applicants have previously been arrested—assault & battery, rape, murder, drunk driving—suggesting such crimes are far more common among ppl w/ DACA than they really are. SEE: Press release (L) v. report (R)
Only at the very bottom of the press release announcing this data from @USCIS is it stated clearly that convicted criminals are not, in fact, eligible for DACA:
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