In light of Don Cherry’s recent comments, I want to share a personal story. My aunt is dying. She is in palliative care and they say she has a week to live maybe. Fourteen years ago, my aunt met a new immigrant from a refugee camp in Thailand. 1/
She met Lar through her church. She taught him English. She helped him learn our laws. She helped him gain citizenship. He could have ended their connection then, but he didn’t. Lar became the kid she never had. He helped her with housework. 2/
He helped her when her mobility failed. He helped her pack things and mark them as she prepared for the inevitable. He was at her side in the hospital. Fourteen years he has stood by her. Now as she lays dying, Lar is still there. 3/
My parents, sister and I finally met Lar on Saturday. He knew all about us from stories my aunt told. We thanked him for looking after her. He said no thanks were needed. She had helped him with so much. He owed it to her. 4/
Now I don’t remember if Lar was wearing a poppy. I don’t care frankly. He is one of Don’s “you people”. I wish Don could meet him. I wish Don could hear how Lar has been there for my aunt. I wish Don would get his head out of his 1950s-ass.
Anyway..that’s my story. May Don’s next job can be a mime. #DonCherrysNextJob #cdnpoli
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