In October of 2019, Friends of David Goldberg realeased a YouTube video which documented a series of strange and cryptic notes along with coordinates that appear to be those of Bears Ears National Monument in Utah.
In the order put into effect by former President Obama on Dec. 28th, 2016 and shortly before leaving office, Bears Ears National Monument included an area of 1,351,849 miles, which included an area known as Dark Canyon, a hard to access canyon in the middle of nowhere.
This order was widely opposed by Rebublicans both locally and nationally. Most notably by Former Representative Jason Chaffetz of Utah.
As you are all aware, President Trump took office in January, 2017 and on December 4th of the same year, he ordered a reduction of the size of Bears Ears National Monument by 85%.
As with every decision, act, and order that Trump has put forth, this was met with opposition and resistance but I think the fury goes much deeper than simply being concerned with preservation of the area. Could it possibly have to do with the potential uses of such a remote
and hard to access area? The coordinates were provided by someone with highly questionable motives which could have either been to shed light on the network or to ensnare others. There is no way to know with any certainty because he died in June of this year. Murder? Maybe.
In addition to all of Bears Ears National Monument's remote locations and wealth of artifacts, it is also an area rich in resources like Uranium.
In light of this small amount of information, is it possible to assume President Trump was cutting off a potential hotbed of trafficking and other nefarious activities? What if this area was only a portion of a direct route to other areas and an eventual end of the line in
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