hey, hi, hello. here comes every Iron Man armor from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
MARK I - Iron Man

- built in a cave with salvaged parts from Stark Industries weapons
- greatly increased Tony’s strength and durability
- equipped with two flamethrowers and a single missile
- powered by a small electrical motor
- possessed limited flight capabilities
MARK II - Iron Man

- prototype suit designed to explore flight potential
- built in stages, first designed thruster boots to enable flight followed by palm based Repulsor gauntlet
- cosmetic and functionality overhaul of the armor making it sleeker and more aerodynamic
- added articulated control flaps for enhanced flight control and stability
- suit possessed full flight capabilities although there was an icing problem at high altitudes
- no weapons capabilities
- had a user interface system based on Stark's J.A.R.V.I.S. A.I.
- retired after the initial test flight
- became the War Machine MARK I armor
- was striped of all Hammer tech after the Stark Expo as Tony considered it an insult to have “inferior” technology on his suit
- afterwards, he built Rhodey a new War Machine armor and retired the MK2
MARK III - Iron Man

- featured the same design as the MK2 but was made with a gold-titanium alloy from a Stark satellite design that wasn't prone to freezing
- granted Tony near superhuman level strength and near bullet-proof durability while enhancing his speed and reflexes
- full weapons system which featured set of mini-guns concealed in the shoulders, a small set of miniaturized, high explosive missiles, concealed in each forearm and non-weaponized flares
- increased the energy output to the Repulsors and RT, making both formidable weapons
MARK IV - Iron Man 2

- built to replace the MK3 after it was irreparably damaged in his fight with Iron Monger
- same weapons and capabilities as the MK3 with internal redesigns to the armor, allowing for increased mobility and making the suit easier to put on and take off
MARK V - Iron Man 2

- first armor made for specific use, created with the intention of portability and accessibility
- collapses down to the size of a briefcase
- lighter than all previous armors
- has no on board weapons but is equipped with weapon grade Repulsor gauntlets
MARK VI - Iron Man 2/Avengers

- built to replace the MK4 after Tony created a new element to power the miniature RT
- supported longer sustained flight and higher energy output
- first suit to feature triangular arc reactor
- there were several advancements in the weapons systems including a ring of micro-munition missiles housed in each gauntlet of the suit and a palladium powered laser system, one located on the back of each hand, that can cut through virtually any material
- was heavily damaged in Stark Expo fight at the end of Iron Man 2
- Tony repaired the suit after these events and then used the suit to help build Stark Tower
- suit was severely damaged when Tony helped restart the turbine on the Helicarrier in Avengers
MARK VII - Avengers/Iron Man 3

- first suit designed for automatic deployment and assembly
- stored as a cylindrical pod
- used a laser-guided system to find a pair of bracelets worn by Tony with the
armor attaching to the bracelets and assembling around his body
- thrusters added to the suit’s back, chest plate and boots that allowed for increased speeds, maneuverability and allowed Tony to use the Repulsor gauntlets while flying
- vast armament of miniature, guided air-to-air missiles that are housed in the compartments on each shoulder
- upgraded the MK6’s one shot palladium lasers with lasers could fire nearly continuously by drawing power directly from the RT
- fires three lasers with one larger, central laser, and two flanking lasers
- missile launchers housed in each thigh of the suit
- incapable of space travel seen when Tony lost his connection to J.A.R.V.I.S. and the MK7 shutdown as Tony travelled through the wormhole above New York
- remained Tony’s default suit at the beginning of Iron Man 3 as the Iron Legion and the MK42 were all prototype suits
Hall of Armor - Iron Man 2 and 3

- an alcove in Tony’s basement workshop where he stored his retired and current Iron Man armors
- prior to the events of Iron Man 3, Tony added an extension to the Hall, located beneath his wine cellar, where he stored the Iron Legion
House Party Protocol(First Iron Legion) - Iron Man 3

- seeing the need for back up and advancement in armor technology, the MK8 - MK41 were built in rapid succession after the events of Avengers and the Battle of New York.

- first suit built for the Iron Legion
- features more weapons systems than past suits
- less bulky than the MK7
- extra layer of Kevlar
- equipped with a detachable backpack
- more space for Repulsor units and weapons
- more versatile and maneuverable

- second suit in the Iron Legion
- first suit to feature a biometric remote connection to Tony, that allows him to suit up anywhere and anytime
- introduced external redesigns that would be seen on future armors, including Blue Steel, Piston and the Silver Centurion.

- third suit in the Iron Legion
- first suit with additional Repulsors on the abdomen area
- featured improved flight stabilizers, attached to the soles of the suit and thrusters on the back
- due to additional thrusters, the MK10 can travel three times as fast as the MK9

- fourth suit built in the Iron Legion
- prototype stealth suit & base model redesign can be seen in Jack(MK28), Red Snapper(MK35) & Peacemaker(MK36)
- predecessor to the Sneaky(MK15)
- extra plates on the feet & thighs that allow for increased flight strength & speed

- fifth suit in the Iron Legion
- does not feature red and gold color scheme
- silver and gold scheme is from the gold titanium, high density carbon and steel alloy exoskeleton
- one of the most durable suits, was able to survive the battle with the Extremis soldiers

- sixth suit in the Iron Legion
- first suit to feature a rectangular chest reactor
- built for more aerodynamic flight potential, speed and maneuverability
- made from an aluminum and titanium steel making it lighter than most armors and completely silver

- seventh suit in the Iron Legion
- much lighter than typical armor to achieve faster flight speeds
- in an additional effort to decrease weight, the MK14 has significantly less weapons than most suits, and was limited to light engagements
MARK XV - Sneaky

- Stealth Armor Prototype
- Cloaking System embedded in the armor that allowed suit to camouflage itself by lightening and darkening the armor's plates
- featured sonic dampening thrusters and retro-reflective coating
- limited weapons capabilities
MARK XVI - Nightclub

- Stealth Armor Prototype Upgrade
- Advanced Cloaking System, allowing the armor to completely change the plating colors
- no weapons with the exception of the Repulsors and Unibeam
- built solely for stealth missions and cannot sustain heavy combat
MARK XVII - Heartbreaker

- Artillery Level RT Suit
- heavily reinforced armor that features an oversized RT resulting in increased power, a greatly enhanced the Unibeam and allowed the user to create a Repulsor Shield
- superior durability due to Vibranium & titanium plating
MARK XVIII - Cassanova

- Stealth Artillery Level RT Suit
- amalgamation of the MK16 and MK17 making it the first suit to feature cloaking capabilities and a full weapons system
- in order to power both systems, the MK18 featured an oversized RT like it’s predecessor
MARK XIX - Tiger

- High Velocity Prototype Suit
- extensive redesign of the MK10 designed for high velocity speeds
- powerful extra Repulsors are attached to the suit's abdomen to help achieve extreme speeds and complete complex maneuvers without slowing down
MARK XX - Python

- Fully Loaded Long-Distance Prototype Suit
- Flight System was redesigned to be more effective and allowed for longer flight distances
- lighter than average suits, built with a thin but very strong titanium plating that allows for increased flight distance
MARK XXI - Midas

- Fully Loaded High-Altitude Suit
- made from an enriched gold titanium alloy and is designed for high altitude flight
- able to withstand cold temperatures and low pressure of Earth’s upper atmosphere but is not capable of sub-orbital flight
MARK XXII - Hotrod

- War Machine 2.0 Prototype Suit
- same protection of the original at 1/3 the weight
- more versatile in the air, allowing the armor to fly faster and dodge objects mid flight
- as a prototype it has no weapons system except for the Repulsors and Unibeam

- Extreme Heat Suit
- designed to withstand extreme heats due to the multi-layered anti-heat armor plates
- could easily withstand the heat of the desert and while not tested could likely withstand the heat of molten lava without overheating the user

- Heavy Combat Suit
- upgrade to the MK17, Tank featured an oversized RT allowing for more powerful Repulsors and Unibeam
- outfitted with extra weaponry
- gold-titanium and kevlar plating, allowed Tank to withstand twice the damage as an average set of armor
MARK XXV - Striker

- Heavy Construction Suit
- possessed two pneumatic jackhammers that can pulverize concrete
- built to withstand high temperatures and electrical surges
- also known as "Thumper"

- Gamma Radiation Suit
- an upgrade of the MK25 that can now withstand extreme heat, devastating electrical surges and gamma radiation
- while it is an upgraded construction suit, it can be used in dangerous situations as a rescue suit

- Chameleon Suit
- capable of full camouflage, can completely blend into the surrounding environment
- features a full weapons system, allowing for it to be used in both stealth and combat situations
- orange and blue color scheme unique to Disco

- Radiation Zone Suit
- heavier than the average Iron Man armor
- fully sealed to protect from radiation
- contains a nuclear biology containment system to further protect the user
- color scheme is meant to resemble a Radiation Hazard Symbol
MARK XXIX - Fiddler

- Lightweight Construction Suit
- featured one pneumatic jackhammer
- designed for both construction and rescue missions
- featured the largest RT Core Unit, making the Fiddler's Unibeam incredibly powerful
MARK XXX - Blue Steel

- Silver Centurion Suit
- triangular RT designed for energy amplification and redirection
- armor design is triangular and sleek
- first suit to feature Enhanced Energy Output that allowed for more effective energy distribution to the suit’s systems
MARK XXXI - Piston

- Fully Loaded High-Velocity Centurion Suit
- designed for speed, with a top speed around Mach 5
- featured extra Repulsor thrusters and enhanced energy outputs that allow energy to be redirected to the Repulsors and chest RT for increased speeds

- Enhanced RT Suit
- suit is equipped with an oversized RT and Enhanced Energy Output
- designed for energy to be redirected primarily to unibeam, giving it one of the strongest Unibeam and Repulsors
- much faster than previous suits with oversized RT
MARK XXXIII - Silver Centurion

- Enhanced Energy Suit
- designed to allow Tony to redirect the energy flow to the Repulsors and Unibeam, for both increased speeds and more powerful energy blasts
- featured a vibranium blade in each arm
MARK XXXIV - Southpaw

- Disaster Recuse Prototype Suit
- featured a retractable claw that can be used in rescue situations or to move debris
- designed to protect the user during various types of natural disasters
MARK XXXV - Red Snapper

- Disaster Rescue Suit
- upgraded MK34, used in rescue and disaster situations
- featured two pneumatic pincher claws
- designed to withstand various types of natural disasters such as tornadoes, hurricanes and earthquakes
- fourth largest Iron Man armor
MARK XXXVI - Peacemaker

- Riot Control Suit
- modeled after the MK35 without the retractable claws
- suit featured sonic Repulsors meant to disarm and control large crowds
- armor is composed of heavy gauge gold-titanium plates
MARK XXXVII - Hammerhead

- Deep Sea Suit
- featured thicker armor and seals at joints to keep water out
- can travel undersea without its systems short circuiting or malfunctioning
- featured infrared scanners and multiple lights on the suit to be able to see underwater

-Heavy Lifting Suit
- large silver and blue suit, designed for search and rescue missions and construction
- able to perform incredible feats of strength, five times stronger than the average Iron Man armor and only the Hulkbuster armors are stronger
MARK XL - Shotgun

- Hyper Velocity Suit
- successor of the MK31 and is the fastest suit Tony created, max speed between Mach 7.7-8.3
- named "Shotgun" due to the explosive sound it creates when breaking the sound barrier while in flight
- featured a rectangular RT
The Clean Slate Protocol

- a directive given to J.A.R.V.I.S by Tony Stark which destroyed all of his suits from the MARK 8 to the MARK 42
- Tony initiated this protocol after the Battle on the Norco to prove to Pepper his suits were not a distraction from her
Mark XLII - Prodigal Son

- Autonomous Prehensile Propulsion Suit Prototype
- remained in the prototype
- possessed the ability to fly in separate pieces and wrap itself around Tony's body
- computer chip implanted in Tony's forearms that enabled him to communicate with the armor
Mark XLIII - Age of Ultron

- finalized version of the MK42 and core suit for MK44
- all the capabilities of the MK8 and MK42 with new functionality including sentry mode and infra-red scan
- new weapon capabilities include stronger Repulsors and fortress infiltrator missiles
Mark XLIV - Age of Ultron

- known as the ”Hulkbuster armor”
- designed with Bruce Banner with the intention of restraining the Hulk
- modular suit that is worn over another suit of armor and is launched from the orbital tracking system known as Veronica
- powered by 11 Arc Reactors in order to match the strength of the Hulk
- advanced durability and Veronica can send in replacement parts when part of the armor is damaged
- has a grappling hook, extended punching that mimic a jack hammer, chemical spray and additional missiles
Mark XLV - Age of Ultron

- was worn in the Battle of Sokovia after the MK43 and MK44 were severely damaged
- stronger Repulsors & upgraded laser weapons
- first suit to integrate F.R.I.D.A.Y after the remnants of the J.A.R.V.I.S AI program combined with Ultron creating Vision
Mark XLVI - Civil War

- built in between the Battle of Sokovia and the signing of the Sokovia Accords
- first suit to feature a collapsible helmet and contain miniature RTs for additional power
- one of the most durable suits built as seen in the events of Civil War
- new weaponry includes EMP projectiles, powered clamps used to bind enemies, and a stronger unibeam and repulsors due to additional Arc Reactors
- F.R.I.D.A.Y has been updated to provide tactical feedback and countermeasures
- main RT was destroyed by Captain America
Mark XLVII - Homecoming

- built after MK46’s main RT was destroyed during the fight with Captain America
- retained the same features as the MK46 and featured a slight upgrade to the laser systems that allowed him to seamlessly weld the Staten Island Ferry back together
Mark XLIX - Infinity War

- Hulkbuster 2.0
- built due to the extreme damage the MK44 took battling the Hulk
- more durable than MK44
- featured stronger repulsor beams that were red
- although Banner operated MK49 without a base suit, the MK50 is the base suit for the MK49
Mark L - Infinity War

- first suit to to fully utilize nanotech
- suit to materialized around Tony with minimal delay
- featured a set nanite sunglasses that gave Stark a HUD and connection to F.R.I.D.A.Y without wearing the full suit
- strongest and most durable suit to date
- strongest Repulsors and fastest flight of any suit
- thruster boots can form a giant rocket thruster
- first suit capable of Deep-Space Propulsion
- nanite relocation, allows nanites to be shifted throughout the suit and repair severely damaged portions of the suit
- nanite technology allows Tony to manipulate the nanites and make an array of weapons including a repulsor cannon that greatly increases his energy attacks, blades, a jackhammer, traps & snares, a proton cannon and a shield.
MARK 85 - Endgame

- upgrade to the MK50 and is the culmination of advancements made in the five year gap when Tony built the third Iron Legion, this iteration being compromised of MK51-MK84
- nanites are stored in a heart-shaped RT, can be deployed and disintegrated in seconds
- 15 RTs, main RT and 14 micro-RT throughout suit
- featured advanced nanotechnology that allowed the armor to be formed in segments, similar to the MK47
- armor is composed of Smart Gold-titanium nano-particles allowing for greater adaptability, power, flexibility and durability
- controlled by Neuro-Interface circuitry on the backside of the RT & innermost layer of the armor, does not rely on internet or AI to function
- possesses an airtight seal and anti-phasing tech, allowing user to travel underwater, into outer space & keep out enemies of all sizes
- capabilities for surface reforming/augmentation, limited deployment mode, hyper-velocity flight, extreme portability, external Nano-structure deployment and foreign object integration
- ability to absorb, redistribute and redirect energy
- weapons include most advanced Repulsors and Unibeam, micro missiles and lasers, nano hand blades, cannons, shields, foot unibeam, and katar, energy displacer blades, sentries and shield, zero cannons, Repulsor lightning refocuser, foot claims and assorted missiles
- foreign object manipulation allowed Tony to transfer the Infinity Stones from Thanos and the Infinity Gauntlet to the MARK 85 and arrange them into a makeshift Infinity Gauntlet, allowing Tony to snap and disintegrate Thanos and his forces
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