Norse Mythology references in Attack on Titan, a thread.

Ymir, the first living being. He was the progenitor of all giants in the Edda, she was the progenitor of all titans in AoT.
Both of their deaths are connected to their descendants. One gets killed by the first three Gods: Odin, Vìli and Vé. The other gets eaten by her three daughters: Maria, Rose and Sheena.
His dead body split and generated nine parts of the world: Earth, ocean, lakes, sky, clouds, rocks, fire, ice and humans.
When her powers got split, she generated the nine titan shifters.
Yggdrasill, the world tree. Nine worlds in norse mythology are connected by a cosmic tree, whose branches and roots extend into different realms of existence.
In the same way, the coordinate connects the nine shifters. Also, Ymir obtains her powers falling inside a hollow tree.
Each of these nine worlds resemble the powers of the nine shifters:
Asgard, realm of the Gods: the Founding Titan.
Vanaheimr, realm of the Vanir (they see the future): Attack Titan.
Álfheimr, realm of the elves: Female Titan.
Midgard, realm of the Earth: Beast Titan.
Jötunheimr, realm of the Jötnar: Armored Titan.
Muspelheim, realm of fire: Colossal Titan.
Svartálfaheimr, realm of the Svartálfar: Warhammer Titan.
Niflheimr, realm of the dead: Jaw Titan.
Niðavellir, realm of the dwarves: Cart Titan.
Worth noting how Ymir's name can be translated with "screamer", because in AoT screams are important abilities of the nine shifters.
Berserkr, the unstoppable warriors. They were said to fight in a state of beast-like fury. They were bound to Odin and swore to protect him, much like the Ackermans were created to protect the king.
The wall of Asgard was built by an unnamed Giant to protect the Gods from other Giants. In a similar way, the walls in AoT are made of titans, to protect humanity from other titans.
Utgard was a stronghold of the Giants, there lived Utgarda-Loki, a giant covered in fur, with other giants. Thor and Loki will have to face them. In AoT, a bloody battle occurs in the Utgard castle, during which humans fight against a titan covered in fur and other titans.
The Ragnarok is the culmination of the battle between good and evil in norse mythology, the end of the universe as we know it.
Similarly, the awekening of the wall titans in AoT will bring the entire world to destruction.
Mr Tybur's original name is "Vili", referencing one of the three brothers who killed Ymir. Could his sister be Vé?
Oh yeah and Eldians were basically Vikings, so yeah.
The Gjallarhorn is a mythical instrument. Heimdall, the Gods' sentry, will blow it to alert the 9 worlds when the Giants will march on Asgard.
Ymir is depicted holding this horn, so is one of the toys from Eren's dream.
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