👼🏻 Baby Spirits 👼🏻

What are they? How do they influence you? Can you set an intention for what kind of child you’d like to have? Can you speak to your future child?

A thread of information learned from The Boulder Psychic Institute, & my own experiences ✨
Baby spirits are souls that desire to reincarnate on this plane. You, at one point in your life, were a baby spirit! 😜 Baby spirits can make a conscious or unconscious agreement with you to be your child. The agreement can be with just you, just your sexual partner, or both!
The baby spirit chooses a parent (or parents) based on the experience the soul wants to have in a body. There’s a lesson that the soul wants to learn from the parent, or the relationship is karmic & it wants to play that out, etc.
Usually, the child that is the “problem child” of the family, had the most agreements with the parents. If your sister and your mom constantly butt heads (but you & her are chill & never fight), it’s bc they have the most to learn from one another.
You can have no baby spirit agreements, you can have fifty & they are all fighting to come in & be your child-this can sway to different extremes throughout your entire life. You can see if they are girls or boys (or non-binary or have the intention to be trans)
Basically, once you learn to see baby spirits & speak with them, you can have more control over when you get pregnant (or when ur partner gets pregnant) & what kind of child you’d like to bring into existence. You can end agreements, you can make agreements-It’s pretty awesome!
But that’s not all-baby spirits can be quite manipulative. Sometimes entire relationships are formed because the baby spirit wants to be born. If a BS wants to come in, it can make you attracted to someone so you sleep with them, break a condom, etc.
That’s why it’s important to be aware of them! You own your life, not them. If you don’t want to have children yet, you can put them to work. You want to be my kid? Help me find a good father first. Help my business grow so I have the means to financially support you.
You can schedule a sesh with me when I open back up to see what baby spirits you have & either help them come in or put them to work...or take classes at @BoulderPsychic to learn about them more in depth & be empowered to make & end agreements on your own.
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